Garbage Electricity
 Special Valves
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CHAMCO is a privately held process engineering company.  With capabilities of international engineering services our company provides Basic Design, Engineering, Procurement, Contracting and Project Management Services.

We process Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) using our CHAMCO/SELCO unique technology and turn it into pellets called Refused Derived Fuel (RDF). RDF is used in our especially designed boiler to produce heat.
700 Ton Per Day, very low caloric value  MSW in average is processed into 210 Ton Per Day RDF, which typically could produce 6.6 MW Electricity.

We contract any size and value of industrial projects (E - P - C) from basic design, engineering, procurement, construction, project management to maintenance and training.

We supply all of the components for the industrial projects, which we contract including very  Special Valves

ALKOR International explores your land for search of oil, gas, water and minerals using the unique and revolutionary method of Microlepton GeoVision Technology  by Satellite.